ACEIRELAND Held Online Tutorial Meeting of Duolingo English Test

更新时间: 2020-05-16 11:57:00     作者:vncvnc     点击量:250

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and cancellation of IELTS and other English tests, universities and colleges in Ireland have responded by accepting Duolingo English test for 2020 intakes. ACEIreland released the news to students in time.

To further help students to adapt to and pass the test, ACEIreland organized a lecture: an online tutorial on Duolingo English test.

The meeting began at 16:30 on May 13 and lasted nearly one hour. Around 30 students attended the lecture. Ms. Wu Xinyu, coordinator of Beijing Office, and Mr. Zhao Yang, head of the visa office held the meeting.

The tutorial focused on what Duolingo is, equivalent scores, Duolingo test skills, and Q&A session.

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